More than 50 years of advanced environmental legislation has been overturned on Bonaire, shifting the focus of downtown development into the Marine Park.

Unless we all do something about it…

This website is here to broadcast what is happening to our National Marine Park. Check out the latest posts to see what is happening now, read up on the background information, donate to the cause, sign up for the newsletter and please make your voice heard by telling your family, friends and the government why you would like the Bonaire Marine Park saved.

For a short introduction to the main issues, start here. Then browse the site by clicking on the titles in the menu bar at the top of each page. For a more visual introduction of our case, check out our dedicated videos here.

The website Save Bonaire Marine Park is a project of Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire. For any questions you can email us at cepa@bonaireturtles.org.

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Image Courtesy by © Lorenzo Mittiga (banners) and © Rudy van Geldere (images)